Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

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  • [ – ] Auceza reply The Old West is lost. Eaten by stupid SJWs at the end. Time to found the New West.
  • keinberliner reply Great video, BP. Growing up I grew increasingly saddened seeing people of their nation have no respect for their values, history (good or bad), and culture - all important factors that bring them to where they are today. Where this will take us, I don't know. I'm happy to see Central Europe stand as a reminder to Western countries of what they're abandoning. Perhaps we will wake up collectively and see the truth.
  • [ – ] DryDrowner reply Western legacy is the legacy of art, science, civilizational progress. We need to fight to keep the memory of this in our minds. Pass it onto the kids. Dont let idiots make you resent your heritage.
  • sielakos reply That's where lies difference to Eastern/Central European nation. Our foundation myth is also WWII, but it's not evil. It's fight for freedom against invasion. At least for Polish. It's also regaining freedom after 123 years of German, Austrian and Russian occupation. That's why nation like Poland resist cultural suicide. I had similar thoughts on this matter, but this video sums it nicely.
  • sowhat-vidme reply Good to see you here. I cannot stand the censorship and "political correctness" talk anymore.
  • NighImpossible reply The west doesn't end with a bang but with a whimper.
  • Muddywaters reply An interesting interpretation that has merit in my opinion. I think that this gives another perspective on what is happening and while I doubt it is the sole reason it certainly contributes.
  • [ – ] nibris reply Black Pigeon, your explanation is exactly right. The only problem is... what do we do about it?
    • [ – ] halfasheep parent reply Why do something about it? Just be realistic and accept the trend. Destruction is far easier than building something. The west has far too many people seeking its destruction. The Islamic seeds are already sewn in Europe and will only grow. England is fading. The western world has already gone into demise (Macron's win was merely the icing on the cake).
      • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Thatz s0 cut3 sweetheart
      • nibris parent reply Honestly, as much as I hate the idea of doing that, I can accept it. If this really is a no-win situation where all we can is await our ultimate destruction, then I almost would prefer that Black Pigeon, Computing Forever, Armoured Skeptic, Sargon of Akkad, and all the other channels would stop analyzing the ins and outs of it. If you have cancer and you know you're going to die from it, then what's the point in having people tell you the science behind how the cancer cells are ravaging your body when everyone knows you're helpless to stop it? We all know the West is dying. If you don't have a viable solution to save it, then at least let us die with our minds on something else.
  • [ – ] Paulyg5421 reply Will the guilt ever go away!
  • NighImpossible reply Nietzche though that the west's foundation on christendom was negative and self destructive. Less than 100 years after he expresed those thoughts the west reject officialy that myth and replaced it with an even worse one. I have always been at odds with you videos BP, i love 3 and hate 4, but this one, this one has to be the best i've watched by far.
  • bajax reply fucking red alert dude, nice.
  • Synthgames reply The west does not hate itself, it's leadership hates the west, I mean rich and powerfull people do not want to deal with free educated people; that's all.
  • crimson_king reply thought provoking
  • [ – ] Natanahel reply Hey BPS, do you think that Japan also changed its creation myth after WWII?
  • [ – ] TrendyDictator reply 100 years from now Germany will remain as nothing more than some cryptic "Berlinki" name for a cheap brand of sausages sold in Poland.
  • [ – ] Vertee reply That is a very versatile interesting, big picture perspective. I haven't thought of that and it is really awesome how much sense it makes. We need a new Eneida, guys..
    • Vertee parent reply *very interesting perspective (I don't know how "versatile" word got there lol)
  • [ – ] ocelot42 reply Really weak. Pushing miscellaneous concepts into a row in front of you does not indicate a causal connection between them.
    • [ – ] OxAcientOrder parent reply it would put people to sleep if he added great detail for a stronger argument
      • [ – ] ocelot42 parent reply That's not a great reason to give a weak argument!
        • [ – ] OxAcientOrder parent reply What part would you like strengthened? I will help him out with it. The self loathing in Germany and the US? The poor understanding of who the Nazi's are? The ISIS type thinking of not being able to communicate a thought only "that culture" is evil? You tell me I will happily explain.
          • [ – ] ocelot42 parent reply That's not how it works. Not up to me to help you patch it up, but rather down to the maker to present a solid case from the start.
            • [ – ] OxAcientOrder parent reply Then his content is not what you're looking for. blackpigeon intent is to get you to think about a topic. It's not an in-depth analysis Styxhexenhammer666 does a nice job with a more in-depth talk about issues.
              • [ – ] ocelot42 parent reply Again, not how it works; I'll watch what I please, Sherlock. Well aware of styx and many others who do a more convincing job of presenting a case, and the criticism of this vid stands.
  • Natanahel reply 02:07 hmmm im sorry but what the hell am i watching?
  • yitzhakbenyosef reply Great video, the west is being consumed by Liberals and far-left Lobbyists.
  • ironrope reply http://www.infotextmanuscripts.org/iran_holocaust_speech_full_version.html dropping this here for the anyone else who wants to learn more about the holohoax. great video bps.
  • Skelethor reply Good heavens, I wish more people understood this. They may not agree with it, but at least they'd know more.
  • MiguelOnStandby reply Hey guys, i know advertisement sucks, but i have just uploaded a new video wich took a lot of Work to make.. and no one is watching it ;( maybe some of you want to check it out? :)
  • dr1015 reply Great video as always!
  • dr1015 reply You may be interested in these videos, if you haven't already seen them. https://youtu.be/NoCygmfPgb8 https://youtu.be/x08ra1HnwG0 https://youtu.be/7dxsVSzL4HE https://youtu.be/ahS8iJnuIU4
  • CommonSense__ reply Great video. Very informative !
  • Esr777 reply Could you make a video on what we can do to change this?
  • Eunoia_Vision reply Even without WW1 and WW2, the West and Christianity have built in self-destruct mechanisms. For Christianity, it's turn the other cheek, and in the West in general it's Freedom. Islam knows these weaknesses and is coming to exploit them and then ultimately fill the vacuum. All other religions and ideologies are illegal in Muslim nations. And freedoms of any kind are very limited, so Islam is free to expand without any vacuum left in it's wake.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Peace and quiet seems so very boring to the western mind. We like chaos in our entertainment, in our finances, and in our personal lives (statistics will back me up on this); so why would we want anything else but the same in the societies we live in?
  • Joe_Somebody reply It always bugged me in history class that they treat world war 2 like some inevitable force and give almost no context as to why it happened. Meanwhile twice as much text is dedicated to the degenerate 1960's as supposedly the "more important' part of history. I called bullshit on it then, and I still do now.
  • NateBait reply The protesters should be sent to third world for 1 week without cash
  • DarkQuark reply Tradition and history is the method by which the current generation passes on its knowledge of success to the next generations. To rebuke tradition and history simply for the sake of doing so is to rebuke the things that made current society what it is. In esscense rebuking tradition will decay society.
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