Is the gameplay video dying?

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  • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming reply Good video and you bring up a very interesting point, one that I have been thinking about a lot recently as well. I started in Jan of this year making lets play channel. After about 7 months or so I have come to a few conclusions based on gameplay videos: People watch lets plays for the personality rather than the game itself. I don't mean people like Jacksepticeye etc. For instance I watch a YouTuber called Loki Doki who is primarily a FM Youtuber but also does Motorsport Manager. I watch everything he does and its because he is a laid back funny older guy. A new channel doesn't have the community to engage and give feedback. I have seen channels who only do opinion pieces and news type stuff and their viewers constantly keep asking them to do some lets plays. The type of game itself is also significant. For instance something like Telltale's Walking Dead is perfect for lets play where people may already have played the game but are waiting to see how their favorite YouTuber is go...moreing to react to particular scene. So in short based on my observation having a great personality (by this I mean being engaging with the viewer and being sincere) is whats needed to making a successful gaming channel focusing on Gameplay/ lets play. Well at least that's what I think in short time I have been doing this. P.S Sorry for the long reply.
    • [ – ] TRexSpaceStation parent reply Thanks for the detailed comment, it was interesting to hear your thoughts on this. It's definitely down to the personality I think, but even so, there are people who like my personality on my youtube channel (they must do if they subscribe!) but very few subscribers watch any of my gameplay videos. They just bypass them. You're right, maybe I need to think more about the type of games I play. The walking dead is definitely a cool example. I think I need to try to make my lets plays more engaging, but it's hard. At the end of the day its a game and a voice, and possibly a bit of cam footage! I'm definitely not one of those people who can shout and make a racket and fake a load of enthusiasm, that's just not me! Anyway, keep up the good work with your videos, and thanks again for commenting.
      • LowBudgetGaming parent reply Another point that I have noticed is people subscribe for a particular type of video and sometimes just one particular game. I will use Football manager as an example once again. If a Youtuber only does FM content then all his subs are only there for his FM content.If said YouTuber plays another game he may get a few views on that but since his subs are only there for FM that will be where the majority of views will be. I think for YouTube gaming channels too much diversity may be a bad thing. I have been experimenting with a lot of these things on my channel to see what works for the viewers. P.S as an example I followed you here because we may be in the same age bracket and my first console was a Sega Mega Drive and I had a 386 back in the early 90s plus I also like more genuine laid back type youtubers rather than the shouty/sweary types. So in other words we may have a lot in common, at least based on your videos.
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