Open Video To The Vidizens......(#itsnippets, #vidme)

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  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply I love your videos. They're an invaluable resource for solutions, ones I haven't needed YET but might in the future, and absolutely appreciate them. Also, HEY HEY HEY! No sassing the 19 or 20 second videos! I saw what you did there! :P On a more serious note, I agree with a lot of what you said. For me, the videos I've made lately might not be long, but they're a representation of something deeper. Something that seems to be missing on VidMe. A lot of superficiality here. I've seen friendships fallout completely and bond be made here. I've made some amazing friends here that I absolutely adore, regardless of their opinions or content. No clue where I'm at at this point, honestly. I'm over the moon with a few drinks, so I'll leave it there. I'm gonna go follow your Twitter for a better idea of when you upload, considering I've probably missed more videos that I'd care to admit. Always glad to have a chat, bud. Cheers to the first person I spoke to in these parts!
    • ITSnippets parent reply *laughs*... I don't watch all your content, BUT.. things like your 'one life to live' MAY be short but there not just for clickbait. In fact i've even suggested some games for your one life to live series. Like every 'bold statement' there are exceptions to the rule. My points were basically Publish on multiple platforms, because each platform has different users and if your going to shout out small channels, do it for the small channels not to get your hashtag trending or to bolster your followers and drop the hate of other users and platforms.. Drama isnt attractive. If your first words on a video are 'smash that like button' or 'can i get a billion likes on this video'.. then guaranteed I will NOT do that.... I ask for followers/likes etc at the end of my video.. if you got that far then you clearly enjoyed the content! Im sure i'll cop some hate for it (if it gets any attention at all i guess LOL). I'm pretty sure You were the first vidizen I chatted too as well :).
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