Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands #20 Black & White

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  • [ – ] Narcistego reply "3 km, around this terrain? Hell no! ...Oh no, the missiles!" ...And that's why I'd rather drive. The helicopter doesn't offer much speed anyways. There's even times I found myself getting somewhere, and finishing a mission, more efficiently by running (never with escort/extract missions though).
    • [ – ] Purin parent reply The thing about heli is its ability to ignore terrain. Ground wise, mount bike is best for ignoring terrain. Air wise, the bush plane is best for speed. Bush plane is super fast and very agile. But landing is cancer. Heli is not great against missiles but I am impatient lol. I see 500m. Calls in a chopper XD
      • [ – ] Narcistego parent reply I generally hate using the bike. One wrong move and my character flies off and dies. With a speeding car, I can fall far off steep cliffs and be totally fine. The worst that's happened with me using a car (beyond getting it blown-up) is having it get stuck between sharp rocks, and getting myself stuck in the crevice once I get out of the car.
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