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  • AceAcer2 reply Yeah, good question to ask How many more deaths will it takes for our governments realize maybe it's not such a good idea to support Islam. I know the "not all" thing but when over 80% of the terrorist attacks worldwide are perpetrated by muslims in the name of Islam it's hard to believe Islam is a "religion of peace". It's even more evident when you read the Koran, Hadith and Sira. Islam never been a religion based on peace - it always been a conqueror religion who progressed by force and kill those conquered if they don't convert to Islam. Personally, and i know some could think the following could be "islamophobic" but who cares ... for me there is no reason to blindly support Islam as long as the muslims will not take matter into their own hands and get rid of their "radical" elements. However as you pointed it out a few times before Suit - Islam won't be Islam if some elements of the muslim's faith are removed. Knowing that in the Koran it's specifically stated that the "hol...morey book" is Allah's words and it's perfect and modifying anything in it would be making it imperfect it makes any attempt to reform it nearly impossible. Heck all attempts so far haven't ended well for those wanting to reform Islam - they either got thrown in jail, labeled as traitor and enemy of Islam(meaning they are a target for ppl like ISIS) or simply been found dead. Islam is religion based on fear and terror not peace. Maybe we should push for our governments to make obligatory for all politicians to READ THE FUCKING KORAN before being elected so those morons won't be so incline to support Islam while knowing what Islam is about. There is a limit to tolerate the intolerable and if our governments don't get it they should not be surprised if the population who elected them kick their asses either with elections or by a coup - if you think a coup isn't possible in the western world think again - there is a limit citizens of a country can tolerate before the breaking point where they take matters into their own hands and it could happen sooner than our moronic politicians think.
  • Aaronshy reply Well......Isis again huh? Gosh dang they are dangerous.
  • [ – ] Sand-Grain reply Not that surprised about the compatibility!
    • AceAcer2 parent reply Islam is like Windows Vista - we are told by the "experts" than it's compatible with everything but we quickly experience some compatibility problems - to make it compatible you just have to not install it at all and install something else instead :P
  • ClimatePonziLie reply PHILIPPINES PRESIDENT TELLS & EXPOSES ALL - Elite Want Him Gone
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