Male feminists face long list of sexual assault accusations!

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  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply It's just Beta males trying to get a free shag because they are desperate. Male feminists = tiny balls and a jelly spine.
    • [ – ] 3DMaster2 parent reply More like the narrative that all men are rapists makes being a rapist not really your fault it's just inherently part of you after all and any man claiming differently is just a liar, and the feminist narrative that the police won't believe the woman you raped if she doesn't already know this and thus won't accuse you, gives them a false sense of security that they can get away with it. And the there's the likes of Steve Shives, a man so mentally at the very least abused by his wife there's nothing left of Steve Shives; he is a puddle of misery that should be in a domestic violence shelter for men, which don't exist. If you want to see what Steve used to be like, it was Bearing IIRC that did a video on Steve before his wife and after his wife.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Yeah it doesn't work like that at all....
  • [ – ] Merlynn reply What's really funny about this is: A) All "male allies" have to acknowledge the "listen and believe" narrative and must do so even when they are the ones accused. It's funny cause they're basically hanging themselves and giving up their jobs when they're fired for the accusation. B) Since these are accusations with no proof,it doesn't even have to be true. They can just accuse them at any time for shit that didn't even happen. So with A and B,we now see the mechanism in motion to remove so called male allies,at any time,from their positions. These empty positions can then be filled with "diversity hires" who'll pull a lot harder for their agendas. Morons.
    • Stripeyarse parent reply "Unnhh nuunn huhhhnngh. Okay the sex was bad. He raped me" " was consensual!" "So you're a hypocrite are you?" *'The Lonely Man' begins to play*
  • ButMuhTweets reply Wow Justin Trudeau is so feminist he minces like the Robin Williams character in the ‘96 Movie The Bird Cage.
  • Muddywaters reply Male feminist is an oxymoron where the identifier is I suspect either on oxy or a moron. What male in their right mind wants to be womanly? Which is what the word originally meant. Just because it was co-opted to be inclusive of broader terms does not remove the core meaning. Therefore any male espousing feminism is by definition suspect. They are either on drugs, mentally disturbed, latent transgender or have ulterior motives. Either way it is not good. I am sure if I were to ask women to be manly there would be an outcry. Funny observation, many actual female feminists are.
  • 3oddbits reply Sad .... those deluded fools thinking they are getting any for wimping out. Good Riddance.
  • VauxhallViva1975 reply I have to laugh at this video, as it is a case of 'Your just desserts' to the Male Feminists, if you ask me. We've all be trying to tell these beta cucks for YEARS, that Feminism does not care about your support of it, and it will turn on you in a split-second given the chance. Well, the chance has presented itself, and see how Feminism is supporting those males who supported it......
  • Violestri reply >something creepy about male feminists Yeah, that'll be their closet misogyny and Nice Guy(tm) nature.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I don't understand why anyone would sexually assault a lady... to me if the chick isn't interested it's no fun. The fun of the game is getting them to want you imo
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Being a male feminist... there's no way to make the ladies dryer 😂😁
  • Rusty_Shakleford reply Is anyone remotely surprised that the ginger was accused of this? I mean that dude just looks like the type of guy to hang out by a high school girls soccer game by himself in a trench coat.
  • freethatsfunny reply Hey Trudope you might like that strap on your wife uses on you but us men don’t want it
  • RuneJensen reply I don't give a shit about sexual assault. Btw, leftists are pedophiles. At least I am NOT.
  • ej_cake reply It's the concept of "Original Sin" that drive these people to radical feminism. They think all men share their perversions, that all men have no self-control. They don't know that it's just them, and that the rest of us don't need a political monolith to guide our thinking. They think all men are rapists, predators, pedophiles, etc. because it's something that they, while coincidentally male, struggle with. But, again, it's just them.
  • brileevir reply Your right Turd-O is very creepy.
  • Pinksheep99 reply Trudeu is so weak. A strong coutry needs a strong leader. Canada is doomed
  • Davethhog reply I didn't realize that was the Canadian prime Minister. Lol
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Gad Saad rightfully categorized male feminists as sneaky fuckers. They give a flying fuck about feminism, just a chance to put their peckers into some cunt.
  • AHoodedPerson reply I may be a horrible person, but there is something satisfying in seeing male feminists get accused of sexual assaults. Whether they are guilty or not.
  • skullytmcgra reply Well well who didn't think this never would happen 😄. I know this would happen sooner or later with the male feminist group. People that think we need feminism in the USA is probably born with retardation because no one needs feminism anymore. Times are changing and girls and guys are getting along just fine. I respect women for who they are and not what they are. Even though YouTube feminazi CEO thinks feminism must go on in the USA. This is not the old days when men treat their women just as a maid and sex slave. I think it's funny that male feminist are slowly getting look at like creeps. Plus when male feminist forcing feminism on their kids needs to be pimp slap. Never force your kids to be in a cult or religion let them choose. Not a lot of people know what they want to do with their lives. You don't want someone to go nuts and do weird shit. Well i hope someone learn not to be a male feminist 😆.
  • frankblackcrow reply More of this tired narrative, click bait bullshit. I will never claim to be a feminist . Because being a actual man excludes me from doing so. I don't see the point in being one of these gender apologists. Because most of the women that I have ever been with like men to be actual men, and not their hand bag holding girlfriend.
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