Toxic Ape Masculinity with David Attenborough (Parody)

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  • SavedGameStudios reply "Apriarchy" lmao
  • [ – ] Dingus_McGee reply Instant Gold! Holy shit "Ape Rape Culture" Damn it, I'm new to Vidme, where the F_ _ _ is my Favorite button!
    • NiceRoboT117 parent reply Yeah I'm new to this too. This video would be manually removed from YouTube's trending section before you could say "aperiarchy"
  • NiceRoboT117 reply LOL outstanding, bravo!
  • ComputingForever reply Hey everyone. Watch part one of this series here: David Attenborough’s Gender Fluid Animals (Parody)
  • baptistebarabas reply Brilliant! Lol
  • [ – ] gene_s reply Your point is very well made! But you could send them to an American university to "cure" them, too.---Perhaps you could make more videos that show the behavioral differences between the genders of (many) other species.
  • DangerouslySimple reply LOL this is great ! So good on so many levels and for so many reasons. Is it on Youtube yet ? Gotta go there now to see who got triggered and pass the puppies, popcorn, blankies, binkies and bananas around.
  • LibertyWarrior reply I think these apes are gender fluid.
  • Huktoz reply So what do mean by send them to Sweden put them in a Man shaming land or every time they do something masculine feed them Swedish food?
  • Ideafarm reply Just when I thought I couldn't take any more social problems to solve! What on Earth will we do about this? CASTRATION!
  • ReGripChaos reply Isn't that the guy who was in Jurassic Park?
  • Danny_of_America reply Good work, very few funny.
  • SweetDaddyBrown reply What is this Dave lol
  • eluukkanen reply That voice is just perfect David Attenborough impression xD
  • bonniegail reply You freak of a sell out, what a shill for NWO
  • PDF_Official reply It's a bummer Sweden is the way it is. Vikings used to live there. Now men have their hair cut short, and their genitals trimmed with it. 'Make Sweden great again'; at least migrants are adding more rape and murder back o their culture.
  • BRaymond reply I actually got into a sort of verbal battle with my friends girlfriend who happens to be taking gender studies right now. I can be a bit purposeful with my opinions, and I am intentionally NOT PC. But at the end of the day, I was logical, had well constructed arguments and was (what I thought in my own boisterous, male way) respectful. I don't think a single word got through to her. Even naming and explaining logical fallacies (in Latin, even!) objectively got nowhere with this girl. That's college today, they wont teach fallacious logic, but they will tell me that I could be a woman if I want to. What a joke. Needless to say, I haven't seen this girl since. I'm too filled with "hate".
  • LauraLu reply Why won't vidme videos share on fb?
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