YouTube's Definition of "Advertiser Friendly" | ROB THOUGHTS

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  • udtknwme reply Isn't it more so that the TV vs X Platform Online Video difference is that, as you pointed out, no one is watching creator content from an administrative standpoint, therefore creators have the ability to post a lot of whatever they want, some of which might never meet the threshold of traditional TV whether by limited interest, poor quality, false or misleading content, or whatever, and in some cases content that is illegal or legally actionable (slander, libel, copyright, trade secret), even for creators with tons of subscribers. Coupled with that is an inability (by volume of new content uploaded) to match advertisers to appropriate content, label content into specific ratings style segments (TV-14, T-MAE, etc), and an inability of advertisers to specify where their advertising goes (minus direct deals outside of YouTube with highly popular creators)? So isn't a "noose" concerning video and channel meta, coupled with reporting of videos, about the only way that platforms have to try...more to manage content to ensure that advertisers don't see YouTube or any other video platform as a significant risk of brand damage? I mean versus content creators losing revenue on every video, whether through pre payment or post payment, to cover the costs of a content review and categorization staff, potentially having a severe impact on videos being reviewed and posted in a timely manner.
  • Forwaarden reply I hope your dog is okay. I couldn't stand for my own getting sick.
  • Darkhelmet-N-Defiance reply Defiance, It's alway's been the way to change over reaching organizations and governments ....
  • Politiekman reply I'm not a full time YouTuber, so I'm not dependent on the platform financially, but I also cannot make daily videos because I have to work. As a result, lost the sense of anticipation on uploading a new video to YouTube. Now I'm not so much wondering how the video will do and what the response will be like, I'm wondering if it will be seen at all. Fortunately, Vidme still has that magic. The views are lower, but the community is great and I love the platform so far.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply As soon as Vidme figures out monetization, all of the good YouTube creators will come here. Then we can just leave YouTube behind.
  • TimRobbins reply Have you considered going vime exclusive.
  • RobertWM8 reply go go rob....
  • Tooneldy reply Rob welcom to Vidme
  • Tooneldy reply Rob welcom to Vidme
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