Big Boo: Nintendo Twitch

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  • [ – ] Ms_K reply GREAT VIDEO and good points
  • LouiseVonMontfort reply Very cool video......crazy that they arrest people for streaming these games!
  • [ – ] thehappymarriedgamer reply really love Nintendo but wish the weren't so strict on streaming their games. Great video!
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply Me too! !! I'm happy I can upload whatever footage I want to vidme without worrying about copyright strikes... so far anyway... >:)
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply Nintendo just needs to stay up to date with their tech otherwise they next sale that doesn't have these features would affect their industries consumers as a whole.
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply That's true! Technically, the Nvidia Tegra chips are more modern than the Jaguar chips the other consoles use, though... just not as powerful. The X2 will be the chip they use in the first hardware revision of #NintendoSwitch. I understand it has even better performance and devs like working with the Tegra! ! We just need to encourage the right dev teams to bring the right games to the Switch.
  • [ – ] FullEffectGaming reply I wouldn't mind that. I would mind the cutting stream at certain parts.
  • Ms_K reply wow its getting crazy
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