Franchesca Ramsey Is A Scumbag

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  • Muddywaters reply Adding to previous comment - good perspective, good advice. I think Andy was affected by her but I also think he has learned from the experience. That is how life works.
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply I grew up going to many schools, more than you in my early days as we moved every 6 months or so. What you are saying is so true. I ended up just being a loner as it is a pain to always be the new kid, the outsider. I am grateful for this now as I learned to observe and be aware on a level many do not seem to have.
    • [ – ] ThyNameIsSkepticism parent reply thanks for the comment. i know how it feels. i'm just uploading everything here now because youtube is finally fully cracking down on shit so my channel there will probably be gone soon. Thanks for coming over here lol i'll need all the support i can get
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