Cantwell abandoned by his own

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  • Invoke reply "woman raped and murdered by illegal Mexican" >left off on $1,500 bail the lawyers and judges want hanging
  • Jkill24 reply In regards to your dream your subconscious knows what was said you dreamed it after all. Perhaps it shall come when u need it most. I'm definitely keeping my eye on cantwell they are making way too big a deal of this so my last statement in one of ur videos is looking to be wrong. Let me know if u set up a legal fund I'd toss a few shekels
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply You'll remember the dream as it happens irl. Very weird how that works.
  • Jasman777 reply DOOM SALUTE ! .....I've coined it Folk!
  • igneousfizzlebottom reply TRS are posting recordings of them talking to cantwell in jail. Worth a listen if you're curious.
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