Forza Motorsport 6 Review 1080p 60 FPS!

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  • opaxel1967 reply Now I know why it won't play on here , on vidme . Had to record a screen video to find it .. you have disabled viewing on any other platform than youtube .. disabled by owner .. shame like ,, Did you know ? can you or will you change that ?
  • opaxel1967 reply still not playing
  • d0x360 reply They are putting​ all new ones on PC and Xbox one which is nice. Pay once get both and you can race against anyone
  • opaxel1967 reply a shame one can't get Forza 5 or higher for the x-box 360 .. I am not willing as yet to splash out for the x-box one , as I have loads of good racing games for the 360 .. nout wrong with the 360 lol
  • d0x360 reply Its playing for me now, please excuse the audio quality. Newer videos will be... Significantly better
  • opaxel1967 reply wont play as yet , sigh
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