How does Vidme's HOT FEED Work?!

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  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Nooooooo you beat me to it 😭😭 good video 😂
  • [ – ] iAmEnglishTV reply I mean in the end no one wants to see a group of or the same people always at the top. Especially when there ARE others out there with great content. They may not have alot of views or comments because they dont have exposure. So how do you fix this? Just keep making your content great. Lets not turn this into how YouTube promotes only their elite members who make them money. VidMe has to address this concern.
    • [ – ] Dos_Gaming parent reply The problem I have is that iI don't mind if I get to top or not buuuuuut at the same time I won't be seen unless I am there.
    • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply I agree, which is why it makes sense to utilize the new section effectively. I mean, if there wasn't a new section on vidme's website, these results would make a lot more sense. But at that point, you think the hot section would be called spotlight or something similar...not how like trending on Youtube.
  • [ – ] KingFredrickVI reply Maybe one day we'll find out lol
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Nice vid man. I felt so priveliged to make the hot list today, but maybe.... thats not such a big deal after all? Learning lots, as i'm pretty new here. Feel like there is so much potential for this site if they play their cards right.
    • Wolfer parent reply I still think it's a big deal. I think everyone should be proud! ^_^ Just think a few things need to be changed here and there.
  • [ – ] Watersurf reply The hot feed is based on how hot you actually are ya silly. Like I'm a 1, that's why I'm never on the hot page but you, you are most likely a 9 or a 10 since you are on the front page. Glad I could help. ;3
  • Spinel reply I think the hot section isn't as bad as you think and I don't saying that your opinion is wrong in anyway but i want you to see it as my point of view, i started as creator this year and when i upload my vids on youtube i technically nonexistence because i don't even appear in recommendations or anything, plus my content is in Spanish, so i wish somebody would give me a little exposure on their ''content creators'' platform. No because i deserve it but because somebody think that my vids are good enough to get some exposure even though i get like 2 views in those. it helps me because Youtube at this point doesn't do anything to help the new creators to grow in any way and in vidme all the big guys from youtube that comes to the site get technically a free pass on the hot page so that leave us the ''little guys'' almost in the same position as we were on youtube, so i glad that somebody is willing give us a little push, to feel like our vids are important to the site too and not just th...moree already famous creators ones. That's what i think. BTW my video never reach the hot page but one day maybe.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply You do bring up great points. I always wondered that too. Glad you're on top of it :)
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply The New section is a bit of a mess with all the simultaneous uploads and the need to scroll forever to find an inviting thumbnail. Let alone having to trudge through some slightly disturbing thumbnails as well. The way I've found new videos to watch has been either through the Hot page or by simply searching for tags that interest me. I guess it's a work in progress. You bring up interesting points, I didn't really pay attention to the upvotes, comments and views that some videos on the front page have.
    • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply Yeah, I probably really shouldn't worry about it lol just feel bad for the people with really high engagement that are under people with really low engagement.
      • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply I guess there could be some solutions to fix it and I'm sure vidme is working on them. At the same time I welcome new videos on the Hot page as some just stay up there even though they've outlived their relevancy and their pushing down up n' coming videos with a decent amount of engagement. Even thinking of designing a working algorithm feels like a nightmare! :D
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply You raise some good points. I noticed that some of my vids with more upvotes & comments were either well below or not showing at all on the Hot pages (either on main Trending page, which certain Creators so seem to be on a lot, or the Hot pages for a category). But I'm guessing VidMe is trying to give a mix / variety of videos that get a turn in the spotlight and not just a select few Creators that get their videos frequently dominating the pages (though it doesn't always seem the case sometimes). Ok, keep up the good work. "Meow!" :)
    • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply The variety/mixture should be there, sure, but isn't that why we have both a Hot and New section? o.o
  • [ – ] Tannimay reply It's kinda hot!!!
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply I think the obvious answer is to make more tabs! Customizable tabs! More frequent tab refreshes!! And a "Return Home" button for the app, god I need that so bad.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Hahaha damn! Believe it or not i actually had this theory from a while ago but didn't wanna say anything to not upset anyone haha. Glad vidme got back to you but it's extremely vague.
  • [ – ] zugzs reply Hmm so it seems like vloggers get more recognition than gamers, or maybe I just haven't been looking at the right videos. What are your thoughts on this?
  • jonnyboy06 reply Your vid. Is nic
  • Chaos reply Good video!
  • [ – ] FreshTechTV reply LMAO praise be to Duffy! 🙌
  • [ – ] FossilBossTV reply this is on the on the hot
  • [ – ] Rayman327 reply Glad to see someone noticed, personally I think creators with the most views/comments should be on the hot list, but then again you want to expose new content creators. Like someone else stated you don't want to see the same creators on the hot list for weeks and months. It's a slippery slope, you're not going to please everyone.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Yeah... I just make videos and sometimes they go up sometimes they get a bunch of likes but still behind people with 1 or 2 likes. It does confuse me.
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