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  • Justicul reply This was pretty awesome! Came here from your comment :)
  • JamieLeigh reply Tipped you. Need help growing my YouTube channel again, would love some subscriptions, always appreciated!
  • Dos_Gaming reply @SizeMatters awhhhh, well i am happy to help any fellow vidmer. :D
  • Crazyspoon reply I want to send fan mail now. This is amazing
  • SizeMatters reply @JamieLeigh We're your newest sub!!! xoxoxoxoxo
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming we love you
  • Dos_Gaming reply @SizeMatters sure, I'd be cool with that.
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming lol we know how to play!!!! But, yes we're worried about the quality. I think I need to buy some new mics, etc. We're working on a live show that we're performing in two weeks, but after that, can we send you some test videos and get your feedback?
  • Dos_Gaming reply @SizeMatters I'm a PC gamer I have no idea how a capture card works. XD I can try and join the twitch and help you by telling how good the quality is and stuff and how to play the games but that's about it. XD
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming Yes we have! We've been discussing it for a while. Just bought a capture card so we can move forward. Help usssss Dos
  • Dos_Gaming reply @SizeMatters damn... have you ever tried twitch and gaming, I hear there is a lot of money in that.
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming hahahahahahaha NO
  • Dos_Gaming reply @SizeMatters do people actually send you cash? No offence but if I was a women I would totally be on the internet and twitch and stuff just being a women and getting tons of money.
  • SizeMatters reply @Crazyspoon We accept comments, private messages, and HUGE SUMS OF CASH
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