In 2000 Words or Less! Ep. 2: Anita Snarkeesian

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  • [ – ] CapnMintbeard reply You know, it really saddens me that people like Anita taint the concept of social justice. There are groups of people out there with legitimate problems and nobody wants to even hear about it or discuss it without someone crying SJW! SJW! because they think its going to be some self-important masturbatory shit like what Anita says. Look, people are getting killed out there over race and religion and she wants to complain about stuff this inconsequential and ultimately incorrect? It sickens me that she is taking something that started as a noble and just movement and turned it into irrational bullshit to serve her own ego and self entitlement.
    • LaurenVideon parent reply I pretty much agree with agree with this. We really need to consider what our priorities should be and focus on the more important issues. (at least, ideally that's what we should do)
  • [ – ] LaurenVideon reply Wasn't expecting you to make a video on this, but I'm glad you did. Personally I've been doing the rounds of watching various people's opinions on this issue, so I'm grateful for your perspective. I admit that trying to form my own opinion on this issue has been very...difficult.
    • [ – ] MisterHan2000 parent reply Well, whatever your opinion is, just remember you have a right to it, no matter which side you choose. In any case, I just had to do this. I really didn't want to; I figure 3rd wave feminism is just noise anymore. But, when a couple innocent youtubers, one I've heard of and like, get vewrbally curbstomped...well, it set something off. On the good side, I guess I got to unleash my own brand of fireworks just in time for Independence Day. ....Yay?
      • [ – ] LaurenVideon parent reply Yay fireworks! And also, Happy 4th July, by the way. I have to agree about 3rd wave feminism becoming noise now, dishearteningly. 😖 You know what, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but as a feminist with an identity crisis I might be able to make a slightly interesting video on this myself. I'm going to write down some dot points now...thanks for the inspiration?
        • [ – ] MisterHan2000 parent reply REJOICE! You're making a video! Yeah, I know, not the happiest inspiration. but it's nice to see that you have an idea. Also, the only reason this topic is beaten to death is because the 3rd Wave Weasels keep beating everything else to death. Also, belated happy 4th. Did you watch any fireworks?
          • [ – ] LaurenVideon parent reply Sadly, I live in Australia, so no fireworks for me. I'm a US citizen too though, so I'd like to witness things like 4th July celebrations one day. Anyway, it hasn't been lack of ideas that's prevented me from video making, it's been my own self-esteem. I've filmed and partially edited at least 5 different videos that I've scrapped. But oh well, I've committed myself to this now, so expect something from me within the next few days.
            • [ – ] CapnMintbeard parent reply Sorry to bust in on your conversation, but you are on vidme, not YouTube. Nobody is going to give you grief about your videos. Everyone here is super friendly and cool, so don't be afraid! We are nice here!
            • MisterHan2000 parent reply Ah, yeah, self-esteem, I've been there before. Heck, I've had videos I already put up here that I eventually took down because I felt like they could've been so much better. In any case, hang tough, and stay positive. You never know until you try!
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