Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review - The Golden Bolt

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  • [ – ] cannotaccess reply What about Sonic 3 and Knuckles as I think that is the real Sonic 3 in reality.
    • [ – ] TheGoldenBolt parent reply I'll be playing them combined, but I want to look at them both individually AND as the combined package!
      • [ – ] cannotaccess parent reply They just feel like playing half of a game separate, Through there was a reason to do with not having enough time to complete the whole game.
        • TheGoldenBolt parent reply Yeah, obviously they're intended as one game split into two packages (or, perhaps a more apt way to put it nowadays, one game with a season pass), so I've always treated them as one, but it'll be interesting to compare and contrast things about each. I'm excited for this one!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Interesting and well put together review, especially with all the info you gave on it as well. Sonic 2 was definitely good for many different play styles, mine is to rush like crazy ignoring most enemies as long as I have a ring (so I end up skipping the emeralds).
    • TheGoldenBolt parent reply Thank you! Your playstyle sounds a lot like how I played it the first time I gave it a shot actually. Since then I've tried to explore more and absorb the experience recently, which works really well for a game like this. Other games...not so much!
  • [ – ] DjMu3L reply Excellent video buddy, really liked this review, so concise and informative - that kid on reddit? Probably on compared you to JonTron for 2 reasons: 1. They're a kid 2. They're a kid Keep making stuff like this! Really enjoy seeing stuff like this on the picks page, you deserve far more upvotes! WINK WINK @duffy ;)
    • TheGoldenBolt parent reply (Realizing this didn't reply to you directly, but as a separate comment...) Thank you again man, means a lot! It's just absolutely perfect to me that the first comment I got on Reddit was from sonicfan - like any other account name and I wouldn't have made the joke, but c'mon, SONIC FAN, it had to be done!
  • [ – ] Cadejo reply The are alternative path to avoid all the water in the chemical plant.
    • TheGoldenBolt parent reply That's very true! I think I actually did do a run while I was playing when not recording the footage where I skipped past the water entirely. I mentioned it because it's worth noting for potential players though!
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