Taxes Are Killing Small Businesses (PragerU)

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply They are creative at making more TAXES, Fuel TAXES, Transformer TAXES, Sales TAXES, TAXES on TAXES, TAXES on your Utilities. Now they want to introduce TAXES on you by the mile as part of their agenda. They want to give away the Highways you own as you paid for them with your fuel TAXES, create TOLL ROADS and still collect a FUEL TAX FROM YOU. Demand that your FUEL TAX be returned every time they try to put in a TOLL ROAD. Now they want to increase the distance you need to travel by putting bike lanes and closing roads. Because they want too charge you by the MILE by putting chips into your car, if you don't pay they will be able to shut it down automatically, total control over you. TRUMP SHUTTING DOWN AGENDA 21 SHADOW GOVERNMENT AGENCIES grindall61 MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: FIGHTING THE AGENDA 21 GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF OUR ENERGY. KEVIN DE LEON CAUGHT PARTICIPATING IN BROWN POWER EVENT. CHASE...moreD AND SHOUTED DOWN BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS AGENDA 21 COLLEGE: THIS IS WHY THE UNIVERSITIES ARE MELTING DOWN RIGHT NOW.
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