Exploring the animal kingdom | Soul Blazer - Part 6

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Man! I just don't it on kins video i pressed back and lost my comment! I didn't lose much..."i cant believe i said i think because i was just playing this game 5 mins ago" hahaha that is so bad if you can't remember. Lucky the dog didn't say. Back i smell poo hahaha. When you said "appreciate it, it's good" you sounded like Rick from Rick and Morty haha. You said you are digging the tune? I personally think they are ok not amazing. Maybe I can't hear them so well i dunno lol. I guess the one with the funky drums is cool lol. You ever played Zelda a link to the past? You should consider a play of that game it's so fun i think it would do very well on vidme.
    • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Maybe I should play LTTP! I've absolutely murdered that game countless times so I guess it would be a lot easier to talk over if I did it for the channel. haha. My memory is a miserable thing. I have a day planner on my phone for good reason. hahah.
      • Rawman parent reply haha me too!! i use mine and still forget to do some stuff since last june...wait i cant remember but cant be bothered to check my day planner haha.
  • [ – ] Shimeran reply Apparently there is enough food in the town as one squirrel needed to walk off their meal while others are starving. Tree dream switches and trust through grave robbing are also weird.
    • RetroBit parent reply I don't think writing was the creative teams strong point. "Trust through grave robbing"! Hahaha! Oh god it's so true. How morbid! lollll.
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