50 Follower Milestone + a Gift Just For You! (Vidme Exclusive)

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  • [ – ] YobeBit reply Congratulations on the milestone! I have also noticed quicker growth compared to youtube for me as well.
    • SinglePlayer parent reply It's definitely worth noting. Obviously every video hosting platform will have it's perks and downsides, but Vidme really seems to be the best for smaller, up & coming creators right now.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I'm glad you are feeling better! The t-shirt looks good on you. Congratulations on your follower success!
  • [ – ] DwarvenGamesmith reply Have another follow my man. I'm just getting started but I'll catch up soon 😉. Looking forward to more gold content.
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply Dang dude! That "YYEAAAHH" sounded very "Jack Black" hahah. Congrats on the t-shirt! It is well deserved good sir! And on the combines 140 FallScribers! Here's too 100 more FallScribers! Cheers! (We won't tell your wife about the flower picture... lol).
    • SinglePlayer parent reply Phew, thank goodness. xD Super excited to be fitting in so well here on Vidme. Cheers to further growth! It's definitely partly thanks to you guys and your support. Couldn't do it without the community! So thank you!
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply HOLY MOLEY! Yay for being better, hopefully I'll be joining you in better land soon :3 Isn't vidme still above that candy shop in that non descript location. So jelly of the vidme shirt! We are happy to be able to watch you over here on vidme. Why did you look so worried when you said don't tell my wife? x3 Those Karate hands should be under lock and key, very dangerous.
    • SinglePlayer parent reply Holy moley is right!! Thank you so much for the tip, my dude. Super cool of you. I really appreciate that. It feels so much better to not be sniffling constantly. You got this! We need Kin back in action. Yeah, I looked back at the envelope and Candy Shop above Non Descript is the EXACT address. ---- Oh snap! I wasn't supposed to give it out. Just don't. ;D Pretty sure that after 57 of them, I'm gonna have to put them away for a good while.
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