Transhumanism: The Real Agenda

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  • TheAkashicTraveller reply Theory. That word does not mean what you think it means, The reason people believe in the big bang and that the Earth was created through gravity is because there is considerable evidence pointing towards it and no evidence at all pointing towards creation. There is no large scale transhumanism agenda. If you think people could pull something like that off just look at your own religion you can't even agree on whether the bible is literal or figurative.
  • SecInc reply Thought toss this in for you. Maybe will help. Also check Cern, Dwave, Awake Project etc.. < Those guys are the ones pushing it. All comes down to having eyes to see. Good luck! :)
  • SecInc reply Good video and SPOT ON. Its everywhere. Sadly those blind to it are this way not by their own choice but by a lifestyle that in turn promotes it. Keep up the good work! :) Only way to reach the same level as Nimrod tried. Fail!
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