Jerusalem Shooting Terror Attack Hoax

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  • Cyndianne reply Oi..trustonenews..why does these people try to muffle free speech..I had to go at it with Sandy Hoax and Manhoaxter Arnea..and do I know you..been looking for mate who Youtube terminated his channel over free speech that was against the likes of the trolls..fucking bastards.That shit blows Obamas..where do you hail..??
  • [ – ] TallDrink86 reply Is this the video that youtube just gave you a strike for? and now you can't download for two weeks?
    • trustonenews parent reply No, it was the Jews News video explaining Shooting Hoax. They terminated my channel 2 with a third strike now. Trust One News 3 is my only channel on YouTube. The third strike was London comedy hoax. All videos were set on private. They target my account when I get over a few thousand subscribers...
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