A different take on Gurellia Gardening

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  • [ – ] Thornack reply nice video! it is off course just practice, and a 50/50 chance the seeds don't come up, or someone removes the plants etc, but if you plant many, some may succeed, and if you plant self seeding plants, they will come back every year with more. right now I am seed saving black forest berry's and go on and try to put those out in the forest. keep you updated! (might take a while)
    • [ – ] frugalfarmer parent reply If you were closer I could provide you with 100's of volunteer apple plum Trees startings that have come off my trees. I'm all for your cause/idea. Thanks for sharing!
      • Thornack parent reply Thanks a lot ! haha yeah ship them to holland would be a bit silly. i will say, just try it out and video it, nice to see some inspired people. Your welcome!
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