Radiohead: Worst To Best

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  • conner reply Aww I didn't think King of Limbs was that bad! Switch it with Pablo Honey and I would 100% agree with your ranking.
  • [ – ] Avaloner reply Your list is almost exactly like mine but I would swap The Bends with Hail to the Thief
  • duffy reply can't believe their sound cut off TWICE at coachella.
  • GeahkBurchill reply Okay, you asked for suggestions and, I don't know if you check Vidme much, buuuuuutt... I have never seen you talk about Buck 65. I can't find a single review by you of any of his albums and he's built up quite a discography now. I thought you had a thing for Canadian rappers.
  • ACT8113 reply how did you think off the Let Down music video?
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