Why Is Free Speech So Important?!?

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  • Gurjeevan_Singh reply I want to hear your opinion on Guns and firearm laws in your country, I am like what law you have there for that that stuff and what you think about it and also what'sā€‹ your opinion on guns ( sorry if my English is bad )
  • GeahkBurchill reply I'm a Free Speech Absolutist because I believe it is the best way to figure out the right (most ethical and fair) way to approach civil and societal problems; to have all ideas discussed and debated. Rawls' Original Position is a part of my test for how far Speech should be allowed to go. Because of that, I do think there is a clear limit. The direct incitement to violence is anti-speech. It is a type of speech which can be used to silence others and use the muscle of the majority against the minority. "Somebody should punch that guy" or "Hey, everybody, let's get 'im!" are examples where the full extent of speech begins to obstruct the free exchange of ideas, and potentially destroy the speakers of minority opinions entirely. Incitement is essentially the power of a majority to make thoughts and ideas of a minority, Herecy, and punishable by death without trial.
  • [ ā€“ ] Madaoji reply Great video. Only one thing I could think of to add, which is the false alarm scenario in which someone yells fire in a crowded theater causing people to be trampled. This may or may not be considered free speech, but it has consequences. There are aleo laws against incitement of riots in the USA where you can be charged for such speech.
    • Madaoji parent reply Incitement to violence is essentially what got Melissa Click fired from her position at University of Missouri. Despite that, she is now employed at Conzaga University in Eastern Washington State. http://www.gonzaga.edu/academics/colleges-and-schools/college-of-arts-and-Sciences/Majors-Programs/Communication-Studies/Faculty.asp
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