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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply But sometimes it happens to me that I just forget to upvote so I like it when creators say at the END of their video to hit the upvote button if I enjoyed it. Maybe it's not in everyone's habit to upvote videos or they don't know what to comment. That's why it's good to have a question in the end to have more engagement. Great video dude. Thanks for making these kind of videos to help those who doesn't have a lot of insight on making vids.
    • [ – ] Soops parent reply I completely agree. I'm pretty sure a number of people (including me) forget to upvote/like a video. If a video made me react in a positive way, then I instantly upvote it (For example: your inside a creator's mind video LOL). Thank you for the feedback Aiya!
  • [ – ] Exometrium reply #soopsdoesindeedlifttoo
  • [ – ] cursekyuubi reply Nice tips and things to think about! I had a similar LP upload grind way back too LOL can't say I didn't learn anything from it though
    • Soops parent reply I feel you LOL. I'm glad you thought the tips were good! Thank you! #theLPuploadgrindwasreal
  • [ – ] B4eternityends reply Great advice, very helpful
  • [ – ] MarchoBomb reply XD no one ever watches my vids
    • Soops parent reply Haha its okay! Not a lot of people watched my videos for the first month I've been on Just keep reviewing your last videos, and find ways you can improve on your next video. But make sure you are having fun while doing it. is at a very laid back state and doesn't have a serious vibe to it (except for the politics category lol).
    • MarchoBomb parent reply wait thats no funny.... ;-; liek if u cri ebery tim
  • [ – ] neyaonline reply I always remember to upvote when I enjoy a video but I have a habit of not commenting my thoughts of the video (something that I reduced recently). But when it comes to engagement I started dropping a topic or a question at the end of my video (just like Aiya said below) to encourage people to engage with me. And also when I feel like my video is not good enough then I don't post it because well...I just want to share my best content with the people that watch me. Great video and keep up with these vids. They are really helpful!
    • Soops parent reply Yeah viewer engagement is one of my main focuses when making these type of videos. I feel making that connection is what can build a stronger relationship between the content creator and the audience. I usually try not to post videos on topics like this, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you Neya!!!
  • [ – ] MeowTheRainbowX reply Thanks for the video. It wasn't too long or too short, and it encouraged me to always look for ways to improve my content. I only have one short video, and I'm currently working on my first major YouTube/Vidme project, so this was the perfect time to receive this message. I hope you find success. Cheers!
    • Soops parent reply Thank you! I try to keep my videos around 2-5 minutes at the most. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and I wish you success on your current project!
  • [ – ] Wulfe reply With these tips I shall rule the galaxy!!!!! Or like just make better content.
  • [ – ] KimFL reply whats the game?
  • [ – ] LunaFir3D reply Good stuff! Thanks for advice !
  • [ – ] DeutschEmmanuelGoldstein reply What is the game called that you are playing?
  • [ – ] Reotip reply Helpfull. Thanks ^^
  • [ – ] terrythetwinkler reply twinkle on em
  • [ – ] pastapizza reply What's the game you are playing?
    • Soops parent reply It's called Raft: You probably found out by now, sorry. I REALLY need to put this in the description LOL
  • SonoPlays reply On a completely unrelated topic, what's the game you're playing? It looks fun.
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Lol, a video of mine got like 1.2k views but no upvotes. I'm not even mad, just amazed that folks took the effort to watch it.
    • Soops parent reply Grats haha. Part of me would be happy that people took the effort to watch my video, while the other part would be going insane because no one AT LEAST commented on it ._.''
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I intend to do, grow my VidMe channel and make my videos consistently this year and beyond and If I grow my VidMe channel, I will not end up being like those arrogant big channels on here like the ones on youtube who are big lapdogs who cause drama and being an egotistical pig, because i know full well the audience hates that, if anything I will step aside and stay humble as i can on this website and if anyone other big channels decides to have a go at me with their bullshit drama for the sake of views and followers I will ignore them completely, I rather be myself and stay loyal to my own following Army and keeping my own reputation on this website clean, I may face my new and old rivals and enemies coming on this website very soon and I am up for the challenge! That's when i call myself the red Artistic Knight and since I joined this website on the year that vidme launched their website, I will promise myself to keep my VidMe channel in good standing through generations to come from ...moregood times and the shit times, the only I don't want vidme to do is go through the same mistake as youtube did, as I don't want vidme to sell it's website to google or any other big corporations because it lead to a disaster otherwise.
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