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  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply What's up Tidbits!! :D cool channel description!! Great video, vidme exclusive stuff is awesome! :D I love the idea. I liked the animal backstory video! A lot of people on vidme upload vlogs... this idea is a nice addition to my follows!!
    • [ – ] TidBits parent reply Yeah man excited to see what you do too! We still gotta nail down what kind of stuff we are gonna upload but I love how community based VidMe is, pretty different from YouTube, surprised how I saw you on the thread the other day and now you're here! Pretty cool, not stuff you're gonna find happening much on YouTube!
      • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply Agreed!! Sometimes I watch YT and want to hide the comments from the creators... I've also been impressed with how connected the community is. The biggest content creators have already helped jump start my channel! I couldn't be more happy. Post more stuff!! :D
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