UK: May loses Majority - No Brexit?

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  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply Yes Farage will have a large following but I am not convinced that he will be there long term. Their is another candidate Ann marie Waters. Many UKIP supporters were really annoyed when paul nuttall would not let her stand in the election. She often stands at meetings with Tommy Robinson. She is head of ShariaWatch I do not know if you are aware of her.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I think I may have seen her once on the internet, but I did not know anything about her, so far. But when she protests tigether with Tommy Robinson, she must be cool.
  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply Do not be confused, we will have our Brexit. One big reason why she lost so many votes is because she was stalling the Brexit - behind the scenes she was trying to sign up the UK into deals and projects to involve the UK army with the EU Army. The EU have delayed this topic but it will become clear now for all to see what the NWO have been up to. Another big reason is we do not like her, she has prevented the investigations into Child Sexual abuse. She is also on record as saying Sharia Law has helped many people!
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply Good, then I got it wrong. I just saw an interview Nigel Farage gave to Piers Morgan. Farage did not rule out to come back. GOOD.
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