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  • [ – ] TheTravelingClatt reply ITS NEVER ENDS! Nice video dude~!
    • rumjar86 parent reply Hey, having the dogs is like having two extra kids, Add cats into that and they too are I swear I'm going to go prematurely grey. Some people think I would look more distinguished but then I think the frown lines are the reason I look older then what I am lol... thanks for the comment man, much appreciated... also should have a new camera in the next couple of weeks so hoping my videos should improve.
  • rumjar86 reply Hey guys Thanks for all the love and support. You guys have been smashing the hell out of those Upvote buttons. That really means alot. If your feeling generous please tip me, even a little tip helps me develop better quality videos. If you would like more bang for your buck maybe buy some merch from Thanks again Loads of Love 4 U all.
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