Cruise Vidme with Me

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  • MysticSword reply Cool beans. Keep up the good work. :) PS: The little icon of the Green (or grey) person indicates number of current viewers (for either a channel or a particular video) and the flags indicate the countries they are viewing from. When Green, and with numbers, it means people are currently watching, if grey, then no one is currently watching it. For other questions, why is something trending (which may have something to do with amount of upvotes and/or views), the featured section (which rarely seems to change for weeks, or even months, at a time) is something I guess only the VidMe Team really knows how it works, or I think it's the VidMe Team that chooses the Featured people / channels I guess for who they want to showcase. Hope they will consider featuring other smaller channels too and rotate the list more frequently.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Nice vid, tomorrow I will talk about the trending page because lots of people have questions about it and ive been meaning to talk about it for a whike
    • [ – ] WinkDinkerhouse parent reply Thanks man. I'm sure you know I was just screwing around and not trying to steal your "Go fuck yourself" line.
      • CrazyRocky parent reply Lmao ur not stealing anything u could rip off my entire format and I wouldnt even be mad as long as it isnt an entire series haha
  • [ – ] BrazelHazelTV reply God that introduction was splendid!
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