Bad Ass Country Boy Coffee Like A Boss

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  • [ – ] CatPaws reply Chocolatey or gothcolately... :P Ok, I'll behave. :P
  • [ – ] CatPaws reply Ok, I think I have it. 1/4 of a cup bottled water Add agava til it blends Then a spoonful of (local) honey Instant coffee (to preferred strength) Simmer til all flavors meld together Then add (your secret) Silk Almond Milk, stir til blended Then add (your dad's secret i gredient) a slice of butter. Heat everything until well blended (Yes I like the word blend) Don't have crazy boxers in the way, my cats will have to do. And I sincerely hope you don't like your women chopped up in your freezer. O_o As soon as I can find some good agava and local honey, I'll try it and tell you what I think. ;)
    • Country_Boy_Tactical parent reply Yes, but switch out the agave for just honey, learned new things on agave, not as good for you as everyone likes to think. Make sure it is strong, like an expresso. Yes, they are crazy, getting crazier. They keep getting under my feet and chasing anything and everything. Maybe they got into the coffee. :P Ha Ha, no, I like them like my, chocolatey, sweet and with a spoon in them. :P OK, just honey though. Let me know. :)
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