The Red Artistic Knight Returns to Vidme & Vidlii (Mr. A.T.)

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  • MrATAndreiThomas reply my true Bro Knights who i what to thank for there incredible support during the situations @SamSuni85 @NightFright @Turnaboutant @ChaoticGaming @DomsPlaylist @MrRonlivingstone @MysticSword @TrooperTru @PopFuzzy @jhirzel88 @TanyaMills
  • [ – ] ZengamesTv reply welcome back fam....most of your haters arent even on the platform anymore so you win
  • [ – ] NightFright reply Hey Thomas I left comment on your metajolt channel You are a true brother and like I said before said put that you had never should of gone through this drama that craftinglord 21 started he only gets the comments that people posted and not knowing the whole story. People make up to much shit when all we wanted to do is have fun I guess I'm a bit different when it comes to popularity I could care less but you work hard and like I said before they are just jealous and they can deny all they want about what we say but it's the truth. Craftinglord21 made a video about me being on wenoo and here again he knows nothing about me only copying my comments and making up shit . He don't know me and I could care less what he says and he can stay out of my life and you are a better man like me soon we will get together and have a beer lol.
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Thanks NightFright you're a true friend and a loyal Bro Knight. unlike Craftinglord21 who took Mattwo's side into making that rant video on me and then chooses to make a rant on you afterwards I seen the video he made on you, which he has gone to far, I personally think he only did it just so to gain more views and support, after all the shit I gave him last year, I supported him, I gave a nice shot out the same way he did with me and now he chooses to turn on me, while he is agreeing with Mattwo on his rant video on me, I got really angry with Craftinglord21 for making that video on me and the worse part, is that Craftinglord21 knows that I didn't viewbot, but since he took Mattwo's side, I am slowly starting not to trust Craftinglord21, I swear, if he does that rant shit on me one more fucking Time, I'll put him in his place, and I don't care how many of his supporters are backing him, because I just discovered more of his Bullshit on discord while I was away from the Internet for on...moree month, as I checked out his own discord Server and the things he has done on me. Like I said I don't make rant videos to a friend in public unless they start that shit on me first. Also don't worry about that rant video he made on you and also don't worry about wenoo administrater Vistafan12, because right after Craftinglord21 made that video on me, vistafan12 has proven to me how much of a hypocrite and an asshole he really is, he came on discord server and posted KYS multiple times telling me to go kill myself, I had to ban vistafan12 from my server, I'll tell you something nightfright that vistafan12 has a massive ego problem and I am glad I'm not on due to his own behaviour towards me which was negative. However ever I am still on your side nightfright because you are a true down to earth friend and a well respected bro Knight, I got your back buddy, peace.
  • [ – ] CartoonKid2014 reply Welcome back, man! I look forward to your new stuff.
  • [ – ] DomsPlaylist reply Great to see you back 💙🖤
  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply Welcome back bro! The Artistic Knight has returned!
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