Its TOADally Awesome! The BattleToads Arcade with Benchez pt1

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  • [ – ] WrestlingWithGaming reply This really took me back. Great job
    • Benchez parent reply Yeah buddy! The world needs more Battletoads, plus Arcades are just so amazing I would love to find this actual cabinet, and add it to my collection. Thanks for watching the video dude.
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply Man I can totally relate. When I was a kid I wasn't a big fan of bowling, but always went to Jr. league night just to break off from the team and sit in the arcade to play Mortal Kombat and The Simpsons Arcade. Beat'em ups are a lost art, but check out the new Double Dragon 4 that was just released! :D Great video btw. I love Battle Toads.
    • Benchez parent reply Dude! Yes!! Same here I remember just dumping quarters into arcade machines, the amount of money I spent as a kid I could have bought the cabinet ha ha. Definitely need to do more beat em ups. I will look into Double Dragon 4 gotta visit my buddy Obobo again ha ha.
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Damn, the Battletoads games were frustratingly difficult for me as kid. I didn't know their was an arcade either.
    • Benchez parent reply Dude! yes the original Battletoads was a pain to beat i still have nightmares of the Turbo Tunnel.
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