Stockholm, Sweden: Knife Attack on Cop

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  • [ – ] Inaflap reply
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply Soros funds all these killings of Police and still nothing is done about this world wide, are Police that stupid because Soros funded all the massive migration to destroy western economies,
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes. He is doing it to destabilize our countries. Then comes full control (total censorship+full Martial Law), and then comes exploitation. Globalism in a nutshell.
  • [ – ] 4real0316 reply I noticed you're having issues with advertising in your videos. Use your search engine and type in "Mozilla add on's" go to the link and type in "ad block plus" add it to your fire fox you'll have no more pop-up advertisements I think you'll enjoy it thanks for your videos shalom
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I thank you for the advice. You are correct. I use adblock for most of the sites when I make videos. Some websites only show content if I disable adblock. The German tabloid "BILD" for example will not load unless I disable adblock. Many greetings to you.
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