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  • MGTOW_MANINAZI reply Irate bear you are an idiot mangina.
  • AItiger reply Wow I guess the hype was soooo bad they deleted the video in response of increasing views (crazy information sabotage tacts 😂) CRAZY! Women are veeery intelligent in smart in thier very younger years at manipulating/social_media/"short-term" outlook on life that they dont see the consequences of thier actions! Men created city/civilization so thier wont be hunter an gather society (farming). Then men created plumbing/heating systems so women dont have to "gather" firewood an water, men created stove that run on electricity, refrigerator to make the housework/housewives lives better, even robotic vacums! In doing so thier position as a housewife became obsolete. Know they compete with the same rights as men (voting with out signing a contract at 18 to take your life away for the betterment of the country "war", careful we may go to war ladies (korea nuclear threats), imagin if guys boycott the military a man march (there wont be pink hats)?! Now there trying to be the "hunter/man/...moreprotector/provider", so thier competing with "men/hunter" (survive or die live), now women will be treated as men (equality?: compete kill/live). They become so self sufficient they made there role as wife/marriage obsolete! The next thing men will try to solve this is women robotics without awarness (cause of creating laws, like creating fake more than two genders laws?), and the next thing will be creating an artificial womb where a fetuse will grow without a women, AGAIN!, women making themselves obsolete. ALL shorterm with no understanding of consequences. Men catch up in intellegence in their later years but increases thier capacity to retain massive amounts of information/knowledge, if this isnt sooo how could have we become this fare? Social media allowed young boys in thier youth to make up the learning curve in the shorterm where they lack it before. So ladies in the bible it says hell is lined up with women, i wonder is that true 🤔😂😂😂😂😆🍻
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