They Will Try To Redefine MGTOW

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  • [ – ] isaneinthemembrane reply Angry I've been following you for awhile and you are spot on with what women really are. No point praying to the preacher. Sorry I can't tip you, but IBB. Marriage should be treated strictly as a business, period. Until we have a truly egalitarian society.
    • ANGRYMGTOW parent reply Sigh...Women do not want an egalitarian society. Women will demand equity not equality. In a truly egalitarian society it would be a paradise for men, so it's never going to happen.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply IBB ok. Keep up the good fight.
  • jp9605 reply Mark Passio in this clip also explains the dualistic nature of the occultists. Even though they may be evil, they are united. Under natural law, the united forces always win. In case people don't know, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, there are four hierarchal levels of law beginning with human law: 1. Human law ( law of the judges, tribunals, juries,etc.) 2. Natural law 3. Divine law 4. Eternal law( this is the highest in the hierarchy) Mark explains how these occultists are engaged in social engineering using their method of the hegelian dialectic. Until the truth and freedom movements unite, evil will always be victorious. Until that day comes, I will just continue going my own way in this collective world of madness.
  • jp9605 reply Hey angry. I agree with you on so many topics as a MGTOW. I recently started listening to Mark Passio's channel. It is noteworthy that Mark was a former priest of the church of satan. He exposes the "occultocracy"(a term he has brilliantly coined) and how the luciferians and satanists created feminism to destroy the family. I chose to be a MGTOW hermit because of what society has become. In the following link, Mark Passio explains this occultic concept:
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