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  • [ – ] FuckBeeFish reply It's the COPYRIGHT LAW that states that VIDME Isn't liable for CP. You're an idiot.
    • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply ur joking right? cause obviously your joking..cause Copyright means just if someone has Legal use of a product, name. etc...so if say someone were to use Vidme as another platform...THIS vidme could sue them for Copyright infrigement. here want the law definition? Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This is usually only for a limited time. The exclusive rights are not absolute but limited by limitations and exceptions to copyright law, including fair use
      • Mattwo parent reply Though if Vidme knew about the porn being on the website, then it doesn't matter what kind of law is protecting them in the firs place.
      • Mattwo parent reply Specifically the DMCA.
      • Mattwo parent reply These guys might not know much about how the law actually works but they are right in this case, the Safe Harbor provision in this context is in fact an extension of copyright law.
  • BadGuacamole reply Donated a buck for the head meds you obviously need.
  • BadGuacamoleTV reply What he fuck does this have to do with Illuminati? Get 19 clues.
  • Techstomper reply I expect to get hate from the stupidy that is BadQuac who will say I "support" Child Porn on vidme Which i EXTREMELY DON'T! but what ever, this group is just a bunch of vigilantes cause they can't do anything real with their lives like going to volunteer and support the ones that have been tramatized by the victims of this type of illegallaties
  • [ – ] Socore reply "@Socore @BadGuacamole @HoneyBee U wanna fight? Let's Fight."
    • [ – ] Socore parent reply @Techstomper Why do you so fervently defend Vidme? Do you have a clue, because most of your video was incoherent. I truely wonder how "far" Vidme has to go before you start to actually care, because if you did you wouldn't be wasting your energy defending such a disgusting company.
      • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply Idk why do u defend Vigilantism so much? Huh? cause that's all you fuckers are? Wanna know why i support Vidme? cause you fuckers had to dig and dig and dig to even find the child porn and now that you seen it and Vidme has most likely has the authority on it...otherwise THE SITE would be shut down INSTANTLY! they said it was up for 2.5 weeks? hmmm interesting to know that is when you guys basically around the same time said Vidme was also censoring you guys. I bet if i dug enough Child porn would be on youtube Child porn is a TERRIBLE thing always will be, but the fact you are claiming Vidme is some evil site is stupidity, You all are the most biased motherfuckers around. You deserve what you get, and you deserve to be bitched at.
        • [ – ] Socore parent reply You didn't answer my question dear. @Techstomper Why do you so fervently defend Vidme?
          • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply BECAUSE IT'S NOT A BAD PLACE!! ANYWHERE YOU DIG U CAN FIND CHILD PORN!! IT'S NOT JUST LOCKED ONTO VIDME, YOUTUBE FACEBOOK, TWITTER...SO UR TELLING ME THAT ALL THESE PLACES ARE EXTREMELY BAD?? no it's the gross fuckers WHO UPLOAD the porn, STUFF like this stays up so that the authorities can track it YOU HAVE NO FUCKING clue how any of this shit works and you and your gang try and act like it's as simple as removing the video NO THAT DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM!! IN FACT IT ONLY HIDES THE REAL PROBLEM THAT IS THE CHILDREN BEING ABUSED AND USED FOR PORNAGRAPHY! yes the videos should go down but only after the Police have had the video's upload location tracked
            • [ – ] Socore parent reply So where did you gain such knowledge? Do you happen to be a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)? Or are you just capslocking the first thing that rolls off your fingers.
              • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply Yes I do plus the fact my dad is an actual Private Investigator..so my dad has to know lots of LEO (I will thank you for that Acronym btw_
                • Socore parent reply I know Judges, does that make me the Attorney General?
                • [ – ] Socore parent reply Did your pops teach you all the laws and things?
                  • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply Nope but me taking an actual Law and Safety class did for 3 years..Don't believe me type Campus Regina Public and read all about that class
                    • [ – ] Socore parent reply Oh wow, I need an attorney I should hire you. you have quite the credentials.
                      • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply Ok, you could work on the sarcasm a bit..just a tad bit.. xD I am not saying OH Someone should me me a Police officer...but atleast I have studied law and procedures...what have you done? cause honestly i can't tell
                        • [ – ] Socore parent reply So now are you going to tell me what it is I do? How much education I have, go ahead dear, you seem to know everything.
                          • Techstomper parent reply I don't say I know everything, but when your put basically through the same shit like this with your sister, you tend to learn the protocol and law REAL quick
            • [ – ] Socore parent reply I have a gang now?
              • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply OMG!! IT'S AN ANALOGY. CREW, GANG, GROUP of people jesus christ is there anything u won't argue about?
                • [ – ] Socore parent reply Better question, is there anything that bothers you? CP bothers me, doesn't seem to bother you.
                  • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply CP does bother me!!! WTF?? i have said this multiple times..i just know that u can USE that disgusting video as evidence and track the uploader so they may be arrested instead of just deleting the video and thus the uploader gets away with it and continues to abuse children.
                    • [ – ] Socore parent reply I say that because you waste so much energy defending a video hosting website hosting said CP. No matter what you say that is a fact.
        • [ – ] Socore parent reply You keep saying "you guys" who is "you guys" is that everyone appalled at CP or is that just some more off the cuff Techtantrum?
          • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply and lol u wanna talk about Temper Tantrums? So far HoneyBee and BadQuac have basically both deleted their channels are no longer on this platform..and then proceeded to just rename their videos to mock me? hmm it's funny!
          • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply You guys as in HoneyBee, You and BadQuac and a bit of it'sGonnab_alright though he is just a commenter.
            • [ – ] Socore parent reply So care to explain how those people relate to me? I'm here because you can't seem to explain why you are defending Vidme so fervently... I bet they're here for the same reason.
    • [ – ] Socore parent reply @Techstomper You might quite literally be the most angry person I have ever met.
      • [ – ] Socore parent reply @Techstomper You troll on Guacs vid, lose your shit and continue the drama. Do you have a calling in life for this or is the gaming and drawing you do just not getting you there anymore?
        • [ – ] Socore parent reply @Techstomper I am praying for you buddy, I think you need help.
          • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply No I think u guys need to have the cops called on you for Vigilitism because that is all ur little group is a bunch of Vigilantes posing as "investigators" WHAT YOUR DOING IS ILLEGAL YOU DUMB FUCK!
            • Socore parent reply Still praying for you buddy <3
            • [ – ] Socore parent reply Please, call the authorities. So you have a problem with Vigilante, so much so you claim what "we're" doing is illegal, what is it "We" are doing anyhow? I digress... So you waste this energy to defend Vidme, why? They host CP you don't have a problem with that?
              • Techstomper parent reply So you better get off youtube or basically any social media site in general m8...cause CP has had problems all over from Facebook to Youtube...I HATE CHILD PORN i am NOT DEFENDING it...what i am defending is how you believe it as some EVIL CORPORATION OUT TO get everyone...so instead you go search and searching...HE FUCKER IF YOU DIG DEEP ENOUGH you can find it...fucking you saying Facebook is evil now because it hosts Child porn?? No it's the FUCKERS WHO UPLOADED THAT ARE EVIL
        • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply I DON'T FUCKING TROLL, i give answers that he doesn't like to his own stupid questions...Vidme is not a fucking terrible place, and they are doing the fucking best that they can...and umm sorry gaming and drawing are doing just fine for me so idk why you bringing that up...fucking idiot.
          • Socore parent reply I am wondering if you are capable of conversation without A. insulting someone (commonly known as trolling) and B. composing your thoughts into coherent sentences w/o obscene amounts of vulgarity?
      • [ – ] Techstomper parent reply I'm sorry but when i get called a sick fuck for saying i was lieing about my sister being raped and the video being online KIND OF PISSED me off...
        • [ – ] Socore parent reply I have no idea what it is you're going on about... do you?
          • Techstomper parent reply you have no clue because you were not apart of the conversation at that time...which BadQuac deleted like he always does..unlike me who keeps everything in the comments even if he REALLY hates it..ya'll talking about censorship and shit pfft ya'll censor anyone that disagrees with you and call them trolls..
  • [ – ] Techstomper reply and unlike bad quac I will leave the comments On my page because i encourage conversation no matter what is being said...if something wrong is said they will get the Karma that is coming to them. No need for me to step in with that
  • [ – ] DickMonster reply #SUPERTACOSQUAD
  • [ – ] BadGuacamoleShouldKillHimself reply I'm gonna get this video high up in the trending page
    • [ – ] FuckBeeFish parent reply HAHAHaHAHA. This has been censored. You wont find it in hot vids. VIDME doesn't want anyone to read about THEM hosting CHlLD P0RN. VIDME CENSORED TECHSTOMPER.
    • BadGuacamole parent reply "Trending on vidme" - The fact you guys are supporting the hosting of CHild Porn.. smart
  • [ – ] BadGuacamoleShouldKillHimself reply Hate bad guacamole so fucking much.
  • Asomejuan reply I agree dude. They're so dense. -_-
  • Melodic_Mane reply This entire situation is entirely fucked up. I'll await for @Vidme to deal with this however they chose to.
  • Techstomper reply For those that think this type of group is good for the world...the world disagrees with you https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/oct/25/vigilante-paedophile-hunters-online-police http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/cyber-avengers-white-knights-or-vigilantes.htm http://www.torontosun.com/2011/12/23/police-irked-by-the-rise-of-online-vigilantism
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