How To Get On The Hot Page On Vidme?

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  • [ – ] SteviePlays reply I had a video featured I didn't email them I just make good consistent content. Kind of surprised you're not featured. Because you have good content
    • [ – ] Kualdir parent reply Emailing them is for team pick featured is automatic :p and I have 2 team picks and have been on featured but it goes away after a little time of no one watching AND my channel is featured :p AAAAND Thanks!
      • [ – ] SteviePlays parent reply I've been on team picks also. But again I didn't email them I only noticed as a friend I've known online messaged me at 2am to tell me.
        • Kualdir parent reply 1 video is because I send it via email and the how to discord video just got "featured" cause the team pick didn't exist back then :p its people sharing your video with vidme staff or they watching yours just like 1 of the staff sometimes watches my videos its or Emailing or be lucky
  • [ – ] Smiless reply How it works is if you email them about your video they may except it, and how you get on the hot page is the amount of likes you get in a certain amount of time, that's how I got onto it so quickly
    • [ – ] Kualdir parent reply You are wrong this is to get in the team picks the FAQ is wrong and outdated since the new update ;)
      • [ – ] Smiless parent reply Okay then it's the second one, I was able to get on the hot page with about 10 likes, but the thing is I got that many in a few minutes so therefor it was "hot" people are liking it and liking it quickly so that's how
        • Kualdir parent reply There was a video with 2 likes I don't think that is it :p watch the entire video and you'll see nothing connects atm what I think is that everything gives points (1 view 1 point 1 upvote 5 points 1 share 10 points etc) and every minutes 1 point gets subtracted (maybe)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I call it! this video will be in the hot page. To get into the Team picks or be featured just go to the FAQ and they say how you can get featured. Just read the FAQ. and this is what Vidme tweeted "videos can hit the homepage when they get lots of upvotes from the community shortly after being published."
  • [ – ] LVLWON reply All you gotta do is make 100 videos on why YouTube sucks and Vidme is better. BAM INSTANT WIN! I want to say this is just a joke but at this point I'm not even sure. :P
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply Does it really matter dude? Just make videos and have fun.
  • [ – ] Flash020201 reply Maybe it`s watch time. You know, the amount of seconds/ minutes a video has been watched over all.
  • [ – ] Lypstick reply Tweet them your video dude. Maybe you'll get lucky
    • Kualdir parent reply I always tweet my videos tagging vidme since its on vidme and i sent a email and i got a reaction that he's gonna watch it =D and Thanks!
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