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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I like the driving timelapses too! It's cool that you are going to go exploring the other states. That gives you incentive to leave the house. That's too bad about the allergies. I hope the shot gives you some relief. The video is fine. It's just nice that you are checking in with us!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Closed or closed LoL, are they the only shop that makes that meal ? I really like those driving timelapses ? (or do you just speed up the video footage) going to try that myself this weekend but not sure how to mount my camcorder on the cars dash. OK I'm going to ask you a personal question that you don't have to answer but, Why is it Women need 1000's of handbags ? Is that why you went to target ? oops well it is kinda related to the 1st question.
    • Cl0mar parent reply I don't think they have sushi burritos anywhere else near us :/. I've just been speeding up the video footage! For those clips I've been using my phone on my phone/gps mount, currently trying to figure out a way to rig my camera to the mount instead lol. I have no idea why but our brains are just wired to love bags. Every time I see one I need it for some reason (even though most bags get used once or twice then never touched again), and yes I did go to Target for a bag haha!
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