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  • sapphiredskye reply We have some things in common.
  • Sinistar_Aries reply I started with this channel through keeping up with the Daddy of Five insanity and hoping things get straightened out. After that there had been a time where I was so burned out from trying to help push things have the desire to keep knowing what's going on as soon as possible...and I noticed I was starting to take less care of myself again. It's a constant thing with my mental and physical health and have been in therapy for it for some years. More recently I felt like I've been going backwards instead of forwards, especially when hearing so many stories of others trying to get things off their chest and move on too. I've been finding other things and stuff to watch that keeps me going more forward so this happens to be coming out at a good time. I tend not to say as to why I come and go from channels but since it was brought up, I thought it best to be able to tell you. I hope for the best for you and your family and thank you for trying to be out there to get the news out on som...moree really important things out there.
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