Cultural Appropriation Double Standards

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  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply It's a really augumentated video. The points you presents are true and sad. I had a discussion with someone exactly about Iron fist and that the main character in the cartoon is a white guy. So ofc it should be that. It's only true to the plot. However it saddens me that there's forming this divide between us instead of enjoying the different joys/elements each culture has to offer. No one would adapt something if it wasn't because they are fascinated, love it or otherwise curious. I believe most people don't do it to be mean or racist. That's my opinion.
    • Xexor parent reply This is true generally speaking. There are, sadly, *some* cases where someone might dress up like someone of another culture for the purposes of mockery. But the majority of the time, at least in modern times, it's a sign of appreciation and respect. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" apparently doesn't apply to SJWs and feminists. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how some fringe groups of the left use it, racism doesn't require power behind it. The original definition (still reflected by modern dictionaries which describe general use of language) is having an attitude that one race is superior to another, or being an institution that promotes this type of attitude or agenda. Cultural appropriation can be a good thing, helping to unite otherwise at-odds societies. Time was when people would say you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are (e.g., gay pride); now, however, that isn't viewed as true if you're white, hetero, and cis. Especially not if you're also male,...more and even worse if you're [gasp] a Christian.
  • [ – ] juanesmit02 reply Got it right. As I see it, this is even worse because white women can get away with many things while white males are barely allowed to be ashamed and apologetic.
    • Xexor parent reply I take some small degree of comfort in the fact that third-wave feminism is cannibalistic by nature. Get the right circumstances (like a white woman trying to support a black movement, a gay white man trying to warn about radical ideologies, etc.) and you're shouted down by the "more oppressed" parts of society. The old adage is true: "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
  • whitezombie reply Who said i was not racist? I am ,proudly , a human supremacist! Homionids and hominin need to become extinct. Enough is enough, we would have colonies on mars by now if not for them! SHADILAY!
  • dan99 reply This is a very well done video,and I tried to share it to public facebook! Would not let me,do you know why?
  • mistrx reply Great analysis MrE! You're doing great job! Western civilisation is really doomed I'd say :( I wish more people saw your content!
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