Penpals Episode 01: A letter from Riana - New York City, USA

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Lol which letter isn't in the envelope.... that's a good joke.
    • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply I have to add you are a really enjoyable person... wish I could hang around more people like you. :) I'm not a city type of guy! :) Anyway well done. I enjoyed this. Thanks !
      • [ – ] Penpals parent reply Aw thanks lol. I'm sure there are tons of people that you could meet, I'm no one special! The city can be pretty overwhelming, that's for sure. I've gotten pretty used to it now, though. Very glad you enjoyed it mate, I hope you'll stick around for more :) Cheers!
        • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Well, I can meet a ton of people but I have this crazy family around me that kinda sabotages every relationship I have with people... so that's the fun of being a family of people who praise a sect. So in my direct environment, it's really hard to do. I know what I say may seem strange... but there are strange things happening around the world. I'm not that bothered about my mishaps really. :) Cheers! I followed you. Interested in video's to come!
          • [ – ] Penpals parent reply I had some pretty similar growing up, don't worry. It's good that you have that attitude though :) Keep that mindset! Your family doesn't have to define who you are as a person! I'm thankful for the follow, I've uploaded all my content to date haha. I am just a fledgling on Youtube, so only a few videos... my next one is coming real soon though, (once I stop being sick) so be prepared!
            • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Well, I've pretty much stopped contacting them... they contact me saying why are you not contacting us anymore... I figured out they never really contacted me, well not the person I am really but the person they wanted me to be or who they thought they saw in me... people shouldn't mistreat people. My attitude was politicly correct. Can't say that of most politicians leading our world. ><
    • [ – ] Penpals parent reply Right?! She did a really great job of breaking the ice haha
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