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My Talk April14,2017

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  • [ – ] AuroraSkies Great Video. it is a lot to digest I may have to come back and watch again...but very well done. Should I take notes then post them as I go along? LOL. It really was good.
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins Awesome Show J, Much Thanks :-)
  • marycozzens have you noticed tv commercials lately? they are telling us to tell our doctors to put us on drugs for everything.... even though many of them have a side effect of death.......... they are telling us to eat junk food, and to use products full of dangerous chemicals...... talk about hypnosis!
  • marycozzens yes, powerful people use strong statements and connect with their audience. Trump differed greatly from obama, saying "we" more, and the ex-president used a lot of "I" statements, so it was all about him. hahahaha
  • marycozzens I'm glad they are archiving documents, but wish they would include paper books
  • [ – ] EleanorM Great show Jewel . BTW my name is Jackie
    • j7409skynews parent Hi Jackie So Happy that you are here:)....And i thanks for watching and everything. Hope things are going good for you....And i hope you enjoyed the show this week.....You take care...Peace and Love..J
  • marycozzens could you please send me the link to the monotomic gold? very fasinating!!!
  • j7409skynews Hi everyone thanks for watching. Don't forget to click my channel and SUBSCRIBE. Also don't forget to Upvote and follow. Much Thanks to each of you. May everyone be blessed. Much Peace and Love to all. J.
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