People Who Don't Know Jack about EMPs Worry North Korea Will Attack the US With One

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply EMP burst would likely take out everyone's cell phone computer and car.
    • MaxIzrin parent reply 95% of these devices already have an internal EMI shielding (which is there to protect the components from affecting each other). Plus, these devices are very small (comparing to the power grid) so you have very good chances of using your iPhone immediately after an EMP. But not to make calls or to search stuff on the internet. Telecommunication antennas will be fried so signal (on any kind) will be dead. But if the phone is connected to the power grid – charging – at the moment when the EMP hits it will be fried. And even so, you have a chance of getting away with only a fried phone charger.
  • [ – ] Edalwulf_Bergmann reply You don't even fucking need a nuke to fuck most of the USs power grid. Just get five or six faggots with decent marksmanship skills and have them shoot at some key power stations and every state other than Texas goes dark. Texas would need to be attacked separately.
    • MaxIzrin parent reply Not really. Redundancy is a thing.
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