Crude: The Alter-ego (Audio Log #1)

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  • MichiganerE reply A few things have been retconned since this episode was created. Initially, there were a few IaN episodes made before the current first episode of the series. These few episodes have been deleted since mid-2016 for the fact that they didn't fit in with what was the series at the time. Obviously, things have changed since then; regardless, the now-deleted episodes have no place in existing. Secondly, if you're wondering about the part where Crude talks Confirmed Info episodes from early-2014, there were originally several more episodes of CI on the channel. But, just like with certain IaN episodes, any CI episodes made in early-2014 were also deleted in mid-2016. The reason is because I felt they didn't have a place on the channel, and now, in canon, the series has existed since late-2014. I hope clears some things for anyone confused about the story.
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