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  • StCerberusEngel reply I love this movie for its legit horror elements, but from the Sandy monster on, I kept getting tonal whiplash. And the whole reason behind the haunting made NO sense given the events of the movie. I would have preferred if the film had more of a supernatural element to the events and cut back on the superfluous creatures that appear for no reason. The one exception being the closet monster. That shit was fucking terrifying in all the glorious ways it should have been. I think this film works best when it slows down and uses the eerie setting to full effect.
  • SaharaMist reply This movie scared the crap out of me when I was younger. The scene with tv dinner made me ask: why did he leave it in the box? And the Sandy imposter monster sure had big jugs.
  • slyofwar reply Creepy speaks spanish?
  • MarzieMalfoy reply Dude, I was totally confused by the whole movie when I watched it (although, I thoroughly enjoyed it). You helped fill in those missing gaps lol
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