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  • PfsAmelak reply Thanks for posting, I often get great references from site called, isolate but preserve, and lately Brendon O'Connell videos and interviews, collaborations, sources mentioned. Seems to be only one talking about spying activities, specific ones, his case is very interesting to me at least and important for free speech, future, and how they operate as religious and racial supremacists, while saying others guilty of their activities and crimes. Infiltrate or start groups, control opposition as they often are that opposition.
  • PfsAmelak reply Definitely rule planet, at least have open plans on it, and controlling and enslaving every country and human being, strengthen daily, see operation talpiot, technion, attacks on US multiple times, it's not just government, banks, central banks, media, technology, data, military... They have been building mechanism of control and exploitation by stealing everything, data, and computational power will build a world where every aspect of life is out of your control. Stuxnet killswitches are an tiny example of power, Edward Snowden mentioned, can destroy grid, economy, dams, nuclear weapons and nuclear power facilities even computer using. Danger is understated is an understatement!
  • DenugalPortmark reply Wow, very powerful video. Thank you for sharing.
  • [ – ] jivenderosis reply Maybe they dont rule the world, but there is something up.
    • Creativity1488 parent reply They definitely rule the world. Read the protocols of the elders of zion or watch my video on it. Watch my video "The eternal enemy of mankind" Watch my video of Benjamin Friedman revealing how it was the Jews who started WW1 and WW2. Watch my video of Bobby Fischer talking about how the Jews control America. View my video about how AIPAC gained political control of USA.
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