Politicon Debate Hasan Piker (The Young Turks) vs Charlie Kirk Short Review Video

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  • cage_marc reply Hi there! Before you guys start slapping away all over my comment thread until it looks like a bomb went off, just want to address a few things: 1. Apologies for the audio quality. This was done late at night, I was speaking very low, some people were asleep and didn’t want to disturb anyone. That won’t happen again. Promise. 2. Yes the video is very short but I was kind of on a time crunch. Lets just say my work life has been hell (don’t worry, things will get better). As result, there may have been valid points from both sides (Hasan Piker and Charlie Kirk) that I glossed over completely. Currently, I still do stand by what I said in this video but if I did leave something out that you think was important, please do comment (or reply to this comment) and let me know. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a new video addressing them.
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