Meet The World’s Hottest Nurse

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  • blindfire reply Hottest nurse in the world no. She's good looking, but not the best. I know more than a few women who are only so-so in the looks department that have far more pictures of themselves on their instagram. I think her criticism from theses pictures is due to the fact that she's in Taiwan, and they tend to take a more holistic view of a person, so aspects of work/life separation aren't as strong as they are in western nations.
  • iJimUK reply Nah, I bet I could Instagram famous and known as a total hotty if I started posting pictures of myself in suggestive poses. Sorry, i wouldn't say she is the hottest.
  • GaryTurbo reply She's hot but not the hottest
  • HonestScript reply This was back before the poster was ripped I see.
  • HonestScript reply Yeah she's hot but not the hottest
  • Fox1cake0 reply she is very pretty
  • kassdog reply The arm tattoos kills it for me.
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