Media Player Classic Announces End of Development - End of an Era?

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  • YobeTech reply Used it for years thanks to the k-light codec packs.
  • GamingRoom reply this is sad. :(
  • CrazyWeeMonkey reply Noooooooooooooo! I love MPC-HC. RIP
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply Thanks for the heads up. I can't afford software so I do like using open source. I will definitely try this media player out. :)
  • WoWzerGamer reply That's sad that they are ending development. Been using their player for a long time myself as well.
  • [ โ€“ ] I3UTM reply Thanks goodness. It's about time. The last time I have used that media player was before Windows Vista.
    • [ โ€“ ] EposVox parent reply Why would this be "Thank Goodness"?? o_O As I explained in the video, this isn't "Windows Media Player" - this is a third-party, open-source media player that is arguably one of the top 3 best around.
      • I3UTM parent reply Well, since I have not personally used Windows since Windows XP, I have been using a combination of RealPlayer, QuickTime, VLC, & Winamp in various ways since I only use macOS, Linux, & Unix now. I'm not a big Windows fan, hence, the 'Thank Goodness' phrase I used. I love open-source but the market is flooded with media players now, that I can get easily.
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