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  • [ – ] lonegroover reply I'm old enough to pre-date the "red pill". The "red pill" is essentially a restatement of common sense.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Biggest red pill: when I found out it was illegal to deny the Holocaust in most European countries. I wondered why then studied.
  • astraleyes reply I used to be a socialist because it made sense when my college professors explained it. Then I started making six figures and found out the truth about taxes and how capitalism is the most fair system out there. That's my biggest red pill moment.
  • SuperD reply I was red pilled when I had to take sociology in college learned nothing except why I'm bad.
  • [ – ] SuperD reply My biggest red pill was when I learned what 3rd wave feminism was promoting.
    • astraleyes parent reply I dated a feminist. Worst sex I ever had and she tried to make me hate being a straight male, but I'm pretty stubborn and still didn't get red pilled until several years later.
  • Shimeran reply I'm a bit of a late comer. It was actually the Democratic primary that roused my interest in politics and the blatant fraud in said primary that raised by ire and started turning me.
  • richardboom reply What pushed me to act and be active (I created my own podcast, check it out in my profile) is how the media covered Trump campaign. It was so obvious what they're doing and how biased they are the it pushed me to do something.
  • fishyculture reply Ron Paul money bomb, most money a politician ever raised in a day. First time the internet was used that way. Historic moment... media was silent. The double-whammy wake up is when the friend who was visiting and watched the whole thing happen in real time called us crazy for accusing the media of suppressing the story. Had seen "Zeitgeist" movie and this brought it home.
  • [ – ] ZombieMomma reply I am so glad I found this place!
  • Cuniculus reply The beginning of my red pilling: The attempted assassination of Donald Trump during the campaign. This made me ask a simple question - Why do liberals hate him so much? This led down the rabbit hole to truth.
  • Auceza reply I never got a red pill experience. I had been sceptical since the beginning and step by step this brought me here. And i am not sure since this red pill idea works. There is too much to say and too much to know in order to understand complex problems properly. Maybe a lot people just search for a fast solution and ignore also facts which disprove their new ideas. Maybe a lot of people pretend to be red pilled in order to stay relevant just like Laci Green. I think the red pill idea isn't that great at the end. It's a long way to change your mind in a honest and decent way. Of course there is the so-called aha moment. But this is a pretty rare experience and in most cases just related to some small aspects of the world.
  • TheGreyMonk reply 1st marriage, purple pill- "She's just crazy. They can't all be like that..." 2nd marriage, full on red pill- Obama disillusion, 2016 election and aftermath, "They're all crazy..."
  • PrototypeGod reply I think my biggest Red Pill in my life was how I learned about this whole "pretend money" game. And how money is made by a private bank and not the government.
  • randymcfelch reply Mann made global warming just because AGW may or may not be happening - does not mean that there isn't a huge carbon scam built up around it the two are not mutually exclusive
  • JohanTEA reply My red pill were as well the realisation of lying. I were in my 20.s and through a bunch of events I realized the true meaning of lying, not just the concept. Perhaps it's part of growing up, but that is a truly hard lesson that changes you.
  • AfroZenMind reply Biggest Red Pill: When I realized weed was not nearly dangerous as it was let on to be.
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply I'll down a whole bottle of red pills
  • Stalin2000 reply My biggest red pill was when I read a journal paper, "THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE DIFFERENCES IN COGNITIVE ABILITY" by Rushton and Jensen.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I'm not sure i could pin down a moment but my friends from very young were for small govt and i know at some point i realized that the secretary of state was a microcosm for the entirety of bureaucracy: waiting in line for hours to be greeted by people who are often looking for excuses not to help. When there is no competition there will soon follow abuse and complacency. Over time i came to believe the smaller the better because small limits the stagnating affect of no competition. Overtime, being a taxpayer... i started to realize that i will never be able to afford having kids, whereas people who are habitual users of the welfare state, will have no problem affording their children. I don't mind paying taxes; but, being a taxpayer, i feel i have a right to voice my opinions/ideas/criticisms. =]
  • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE reply Sadly I was pretty liberal until the Bernie thing happened, that really opened my eyes somehow as I was forced into a position where I expected him to disavow Hillary and say something like 'make up your own minds, I do not support her.' Instead he acted cowardly and endorsed her, it was like a bad movie and you could just see everything happening in slow motion. Somehow that made me start to look at everything in a new way, and I have disavowed leftism entirely.
    • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE parent reply NSFW ALERT BELOW There was also the frustration with women that factored into that, having made myself available for a relationship as a suitable guy and being disappointed with what I had found. I remember this one chick I was with for awhile here in Toronto, pretty hot nice tits and everything but wow first time we banged she said 'there's a condom in the closet storage' so I got one and there was a whole box of L/XL. I realized that this isn't going to be a serious relationship. Sure enough after a couple weeks of action she ended it, I wasn't surprised at all. Been mgtow for the last two years, feeling good about the future but wish I could have kids.
      • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE parent reply Also climate change, I used to be reallllly into that I even bought some of the UN climate change books to do my own research. Well all of the doomsaying hasn't come true, and our own records show this isn't even the highest [CO2] we have had in our planets history. That plus learning the main culprits of CO2 production are - international shipping and air travel, NOT the everyday joe driving a car. But for some reason, when politicians talk about fixing it WE, the one's largely not responsible for it, are made to pay for it. Fuck that, I don't care if it really is a problem. Make the ones causing it pay!
        • MGTOWLIFE parent reply Then learning about fiat currency and the whole fractional reserve banking thing, watching the massive bailouts to the bank. I agree with kevin o'leary - let them fail! They are bad businesses. But nope, in steps the govt to provide our tax dollars to crooked business schemes whether we like it or not.
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